The Difference – Compassion for the Pilgrim and Passion for the Pilgrimage

What Sets Select International Tours Apart?


Ministry: Although we are a business our paramount focus is one of ministry. We offer the Best Value because we exemplify compassion in all we do for our travelers providing better, smarter, safer pilgrimages at less cost. Part of our professional staff includes a Contemplative Brother, a Deacon and a Secular Franciscan.

Compassion: The entire staff at Select International is empathetic to the emotions, needs and

concerns of our clients from the moment of first contact through the entire pilgrimage journey. We have an ingrained sense of service, motivated by a desire to help. We indeed live by the term in the most gracious sense "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Stability: During the past 27 years Select International Tours has had the privilege to arrange travel for hundreds of groups and many prominent church leaders from all Christian denominations. We are financially secure, have an extensive network of long-term partnerships in each destination we offer and excellent contracts with the airlines. You, as our clients, benefit from our experience, contacts and buying power. You can feel confident and secure knowing that we will do the best job possible.

Integrity: We can provide a long list of happy clients, recommendations and testimonials from pilgrims, group leaders and country tourist offices pointing to our stellar reputation as a leader and an innovator in the travel industry. Our President serves on the board of National Tour Association's Faith Based Council which is the premier travel association in the United States and has consulted for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on tourism infrastructure and development projects. We are experts in what we do and stand by what we say we will do. If a challenge exists we address it and correct it.

Value: We specialize in affordable trip customization to any destination of your choice. Select provides you with the Best Travel Value for your hard earned money!