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Who is a group leader? The person responsible for organizing the tour program. The group leader is in rouch with us on behalf of the group or organization. They are the person responsible for promotion of the tour, main group contact, person who collects payments and answers participant's question. A group may have several group leaders. We ask that you designate one to be our primary contact.

Because promoting, organizing and leading a group involves time and effort, as well as responsibility on part of the group leader we provide benefits to the leaders, usually in terms of complementary travel, assistance with printing and marketing, and complete back office support in terms of invoicing and documentation.

A group leader could be the travel agent, the pastor, the teacher, the bank manager, museum official or any other individual involved in putting the travel program together.


Here is some beneficial information for group leaders about working with Select International Tours & Cruises:


1. We have been in business for over twenty years, and have organized hundreds of groups. Due to longstanding relationships with suppliers and large volume of group business Select International has superior buying power, which allow us to offer clients excellent value. You have the reassurance that you are working with a reputable, professional company which has survived and thrived despite all the ups and downs of the travel industry, and all the global political events and has grown and prospered over the years. Through it all we have become stronger and more secure in our knowledge that we are here for a reason, and protected by God's good graces.

2. We are a wholesale tour company working directly with all major airlines, our favorites being Lufthansa, Continental, Delta, American Airlines and TAP Portuguese Airlines, with which we have excellent negotiation power. We use mainly four-star hotels (first class). Hotel preferences can be dictated by the group's budget. We work with five star hotels or we can use three star properties. All hotel choices are located in safe areas. Our goal is to use hotels with excellent locations, and the local flavor in service and design.

3. We also work with major cruise lines, transportation companies, tour escorts and various sightseeing destinations to provide a complete package for your group. We can offer you land and air packages, cruises, land only or air only. You can also purchase trip cancellation/travel accident policy though us.

4. We sell our programs mainly through professional, experienced travel agents, and will never mail to your contact list. We remain strong in our commitment to protect the interests of our travel agent partners and our loyal group leaders.

5. This web site provides many choices for you to consider, all at great value. For exact prices please have a date in mind and call us. If you are comparing our prices with another company's, we ask that you compare exactly, as you will seldom find a better value. We do not claim to be the cheapest, nor is that our aim. We like to think we provide the "best" value and service for the client's money.

6. Custom designed programs are our specialty, so please let us know if you don't find the exact tour you are looking for on our web site. We no longer print extensive and expensive brochures. We prefer to save the money a brochure production requires and pass it on to the client as a savings. We also send out frequent e-mail announcements about new developments. If you wish to be added to our in-house secure e-mail list please let us know. Your personal information will never be shared with other entities.

7. Every group will be guided by an experienced tour escort who meets them at their arrival destination, who speaks English well, is especially trained for our programs and is very helpful and knowledgeable about the destinations you are visiting. For city tours you will have a local guide who is the expert on the city you are visiting. In Ireland we use driver guides.

8. The sightseeing on each program is extensive and always includes the most important and memorable sights, as well as sights which are of particular interest to the group, such as shrines or churches, museums, opera houses, gardens etc... The sightseeing features depend upon the group's specific interest.

9. We include buffet Breakfast (B) on all our programs. Lunch (L) and dinners (D) are specified in the itinerary. Most meals are at the hotels, however we strive to provide an opportunity for the group to sample restaurant food as well and have a few nights on their own to explore the local cuisine. These nights are always in major cities where the choices are plentiful. Beverages are not provided with meals unless we specify otherwise or the group chooses to have them included at an additional cost.

10. We can provide roundtrip hometown airport transfers as part of the program for groups of 15 or more passengers leaving from one destination, so you have less to stress and worry about.

11. To assist you with promotion of the tour program we can print fliers as a promotional/information tool, or you can print your own fliers or brochures. An allowance for printing costs will be provided.

12. We will assist you with advertising the group departure in the local media, as long as our name is clearly visible in the printed material and we receive copies of all ads.

13. Booking a group with Select International is very convenient:

      1. Look through the programs on this web site. You can use the search button to find all the programs to a specific destination. If you don't find the program you are looking for, NO Problem, we will custom design an itinerary for your group.
      2. Call as at 800-842-4842 to discuss your preferences, choose dates and obtain specific prices.
      3. We will confirm all the information given to you in writing and answer all your questions and concerns.


Helpful Pre-booking information:

  • Who is Select International? A registered tour operator in the state of New Jersey , in business since 1987. We organize group travel to Europe , Holy Land and Mexico . We have affiliate offices in London , Rome , Athens and Jerusalem , as well as established network of partners in most major European cities to ensure your group superior value and service. NO other special interest tour operator can provide you with the level of experience and service Select International Tours and Cruises can. Please refer to FAQ on this web site for more specific information. Familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Conditions, which govern the group booking and Travel Insurance will help to answer most procedural questions and will save you time.

  • Who makes the travel arrangements? You are the group tour leader, we are the travel experts, and so we take care of all air, hotel, and other travel arrangements.

  • Who collects the money? We can or you can. Whichever system is convenient for you. To assist you we can issue the invoices, keep track of all the payments, updating you frequently on the status of the group and handle of the document work.
  • How large does my group have to be? To obtain the best air and land rates we need minimum 15 full paying passengers, and there is no maximum. A standard bus holds 49 or 53 passengers. Unlike other companies we do not combine you on a pre-packaged program with people you do not know, and have nothing in common with. Your group will have their own program, bus and tour escort. Your group has their very own exclusive itinerary and arrangements are made specifically for you.

  • How far in advance do I need to start working on a program? Ideally 9 months to a year, although we often put together program in three to four months. As people are traveling more, good air and hotel space is at a premium. Therefore it is important to give yourself enough time to promote the group and collect payments. The earlier we make reservation the easier it will be to ensure you get the air and the hotels you prefer.

  • Are there any costs to me? A $ 500.00 good will group deposit is needed to reserve space. The deposit is refunded to you when the final payment is collected. Should the group cancel; the deposit is refunded as long as you cancel at least 90 days before departure. You may have minimal cost for mailing, advertising and a get together evening. A certain number of complementary trips can be included in costing for each group, allowing you and your assistants to accompany the group at no charge.

  • What must I do before the group leaves on the tour? Your main responsibility is to promote the travel program, and spread the word about the trip to everyone you know. Within 45-60 days of announcing the program, most of your promotional activities will occur. 70% of your participants will sign up (always request a deposit in order to sign up someone) within this period. Successful tour hosts are gregarious people. Organizing a get together to promote the program, or to distribute final documents will generate a lot of good will and good publicity. A post tour get together to exchange pictures is a great way to start promoting the next tour.

  • What are my responsibilities on the trip? Your are the tour host, so you will gather and check in the group at all airports, be the liaison with the overseas tour director in coordinating daily activities and resolving any situations which may arise. The overseas tour escort, who is a highly trained professional, is with you at all times, leaving you free to enjoy your trip and take care of the needs of your passengers.

  • Are the prices guaranteed? The prices we provide in the group quote are subject to change until the time of the group deposit of $ 500.00 per group. Once we have the deposit air and land arrangements will be booked, and prices will change only due to exchange rate fluctuations and air tax/fuel charge changes. We do not block space unless we have received your group deposit.

  • How do I get the free trips? Our standard policy is 1 free for 20 full paying passengers, two free for 30 and 3 free for 45. We can also quote a special price for you based on minimum 15 full paying passengers and 1 free, if your aim is to keep the group small. If you would prefer to earn one free benefit for every 5 or 10 full paying passengers, simply let us know right in the beginning before the program is priced. The free trips are built into the price, so keep in mind the more free trips you request the higher the cost of the program will be to the paying participants, which may make your trip more costly than other similar trips on the market, and you may lose some passengers. We recommend staying with our formula as detailed above, or at most pricing in 1 free for every 10 full paying if you feel you really need that many free trips. Keep in mind the free trips are worth the actual cost of the trip and they should be given to people who will assist you in promoting the group. That is why we prefer to call them earned trips . One the largest mistakes group tour leaders make is giving the earned free trip to people who cannot or are not willing to actively promote the trip whenever and wherever possible. Think of it as paying someone several thousands of dollars, without them doing any work. Our advice is to give the free trips to those people who can recruit other people to travel with your group, and who will share your commitment in seeing your group travel on a great trip.

  • How do I know if I definitely have a group? We recommend you start planning at least 9 months before departure, although you will always have people who wait until the last minute to make up their minds. No one is ever committed unless they give you a deposit; so do not be bashful in asking for that financial commitment. All deposits are refundable up until 90 days before departure. At that point we will definitely know if you have a group and its approximate size. The general rule is that 90 days before departure you should have 75% of your people committed.


We are eager to work with you and assist you with further questions. Please call us for more information.