Effective April 19, 2012 - New Policy Details 

Select International Tours & Cruises strongly urges all trip participants to protect themselves by purchasing trip cancellation/travel insurance.

Travel insurance programs include many features, but most importantly it is protection against a financial loss in the event you must cancel or interrupt your trip, or if you have a medical emergency while traveling that causes you to cancel or interrupt your trip. While we certainly hope that you will never need to avail yourself of any travel insurance benefit, we urge you to consider travel insurance as added protection for you and your family. Please refer to Select International Tours & Cruises' Standard Terms and Conditions. Within 90 days of departure your money is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for your cancellation (some groups may have different cancellation restrictions, please check with your group organizer or on the trip brochure specific to your group departure). By purchasing an insurance policy, you are ensuring that your investment is guarded in the event an unforseen circumstance arises.

The policies we offer are provided by Travel Insured International, Inc.  All claims and specific questions should be directed to Travel Insured International at (800) 243-3174 or www.travelinsured.com  

Select International Tours & Cruises is only an agent, and not the insurer. 

    • The prices quoted here are based on group rates, meaning at least 10 people from a group must opt to sign up for travel insurance, in order for everyone to benefit from the discounted group rate.
    • Your group organizer may opt to have the insurance plan already included in your trip cost, in which case every passenger must purchase the policy, or group organizers may choose to leave the decision about insurance up to each passenger individually.
    • In the event that your group does not have the minimum of ten passengers signed up for insurance, you may purchase an individual plan directly from Travel Insured International; www.travelinsured.com
    • The basic travel insurance policy is known as the "Deluxe Policy." There is an upgraded option available known as "Cancel For Any Reason."
    • Both policies are reasonably priced and are based on group participation. To view the specific coverage and details of the policies and to print the brochure click here: pdfPolicy Information.
    • An upgraded, Cancel For Any Reason policy is also available for an additional 50% premium per person. This option must be purchased within 14 days of initial trip deposit and at the time of original plan purchase. Restrictions apply.
    • All policies go into effect at 12:00 am, the day after Select International Tours & Cruises has made payment on the passenger's behalf.  


Important Information for those needing to file a claim:

    • If you need to file a claim, call Travel Insured directly at (800) 243-2440.  
    • Have the following information ready whenyou call to file your claim:
        • Name of the tour company your trip was booked with (Select International Tours & Cruises, New Jersey)
        • Your full name
        • Destination
        • Departure date.
    • Once you initiate a claim procedure, you will be given instructions about specific documentation required. Example: For cancellation due to medical reasons, a doctor’s note must be provided, in case of death of an immediate family member, a copy of the death certificate is required, etc. Please see the section on our website on how to file a claim, or contact Travel Insured International directly for the claims process.


Terroristic Activity: Insurance provides compensation in case of cancellations due to terrorist activities only if the terrorist act has occured in the exact place where you will be traveling to or from within 30 days of departure. Compensation is not provided if you miss your flight, or in case of virus infections, acts of war, natural disasters, or any uncontrolable acts of God. Worlwide emergency assistance is available at all times.

For immediate emergency assistance call; (888) 268-2824. 


    • Passengers are only insured for the portion of trip arrangements made and booked with Select International Tours and Cruises.
    • You are eligible for the PRE-EXISTING CONDITION EXCLUSION WAIVER if you purchase the plan at the time of your initial deposit.
    • PRICES: Based on total cost of air, land and taxes purchased through Select International Tours & Cruises


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